One thought on “My Blog Site has Moved! 

  1. OMG Jay – you are CRUSHING me!!!! 😩😖😣😔🍺🍻🍺🍻🍺🍻 I’m so desperate to be back in the land of fests and the nectar of the gods!! Very cool that you and Kathy got to Berlin; my last trip was may 2011, right before I left……..I’ve been struggling to get back ever since!! 😭😢 Nonetheless, an excellent rundown on the Berlin Oktoberfest – thank you for making me eat my heart out. 😕😏 But seriously, thank you for the pics and the memories – I used to LOVE the English Gardens and how cool to see the Festival of Lights……reminds me of the Lichterfest in Stuttgart!! 🎆🎇💫💥✨🏮 You definitely nailed it when you put the lyrics (and translation) to Ein Prosit at the end, and told of the consequences if you didn’t drink afterwards!! 😜😝😄☺️🍺🍺🍺 Huh?! Hurricane?! In Ireland?!?!?! Are you sure you weren’t just having flashbacks to St Pete?? 😳😧🤔💨☔️☔️⛈⛈🌊🌊 Where’s a person to find solace if Ireland’s getting hurricanes?!?!?!?! Oh well – hope nothing got damaged. 😖😔 Thanks again for the memories my friend – I do so miss our time together there with all our buds – and another super blog post. Talk soon and my love to Kathy and Rudy!! 😉😄👍🏻🐶🐾


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